Signs you have low self worth and how to tackle them

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2 min readDec 27, 2020


At some point, most of us have had phases of low self-esteem, we just can’t shake the feeling that you suck and you are less than everyone. That will seriously affect your mental health and your productivity.

Read about which behaviors show that you have low self-worth and how you can tackle them to lead a confident life.

  1. You don’t trust your own opinions or decisions.
  2. Constantly over thinking.
  3. Can’t stand up for yourself and prioritizing other’s needs over yours.
  4. Can’t hold boundaries or not have any.
  5. Being overly critical about yourself.

It’s easy to brush these off and live in denial, but low self -esteem have damaging long term effects, such as being in abusive relationships, not speaking up in class or work meetings.

Recognising and acceptance is an important step to grow confidence.

Here are a few ways you can build your self-worth

  • Seek professional help:

Having low self-worth can be caused by past trauma such as bullying, strict parenting styles, etc. To tackle that you need to start from the beginning. seeking out professional help will help you come terms with your experiences.

  • Think before you say “yes”.

If someone asks you for help, think, and don’t say yes as an obligation or need for validation.

  • Exercise, yoga, meditation

These are the most effective ways to improve your mental health, as it increases our serotonin levels.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others.

Be aware that you are not them and they are you. comparing is futile.

  • Make a list of priorities or goals.

Try to work towards your goal every day and if other’s needs, demands, and requests are in the way of your goals, don’t get derailed by them

  • Establish boundaries

Everyone has boundaries within relationships, you should too if you are in a situation where the other person crosses your boundaries, let them know about it.

Fortunately, self-esteem isn’t set in stone. It takes time and practice to maintain it but you can build yourself and develop respect, appreciation, and unconditional love for yourself. It’s important to note that this does not make you selfish or self-absorbed and you are looking out for yourself.



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